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Where should I buy my garage door opener?

Where should I buy my garage door opener?

You have a wealth of choices here. You can most certainly buy your garage door opener from a big box DIY store if you want. However, note that these stores only carry 3‑part trolley garage door openers. That may not be an issue of your garage door isn’t used all that often. However, if you use your garage door daily, these models can wear out and fail quickly. We recommend going with a single‑piece trolley to ensure greater durability.

Our garage door specialists are familiar with most garage door opener makes and models on the market, including installation and troubleshooting. We’d be happy to recommend the right garage door opener for your home and your use need, and we can also offer a professional solution that includes the right components for your needs.

Can I install a garage door opener on my own?

Yes, you certainly can, but you’ll need to have at least a modicum of technical savvy, the right tools, and the time to handle it. We recommend having it professionally installed to ensure that everything’s working correctly, and that the automatic safety reversal system is installed right.

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Jul 11, 2022

At any locksmith shop or any garage door repair store, you can get the best garage door openers.

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