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What is a Wind Code Approved Garage Door, Miami Dade

Strengthen your defense with a wind-rated garage door.

Is my garage door strong enough?

Does your home have the capability to channel water away from the house and protect its structure? A wind-rated garage door can protect against strong winds caused by storms, tornadoes and hurricanes.They maintain the style and aesthetic appeal of today’s most beautiful facades, but their beauty belies their strength. Studies have shown that garage door failure contributes to the buildup of internal pressure during a storm. This can lead to a complete or partial blowout of walls and roofs.

Wind codes for garage doors

Each region building authority designates its own garage door strength rating based on their local weather patterns. Florida, for example, has three regions of wind-borne debris levels. They range from 130 mph to 140 mph to a high velocity zone.There is further differentiation based on whether the home is in an urban, suburban, rural or coastal area. Wind-rated garaged doors are built to match the wind strength in your area.

Insurance premiums discounts

Not only can installing a wind-rated garage door give you peace of mind and safety, but it can also save you money even before the storm. Insurance companies often offer premium discounts to homeowners with a wind rated garage door.In Miami, for example, the insurance premium on a $150,000 home with no hurricane mitigation is around $5,000. With improvements like a wind rated garage door, that same home’s premium could drop 30 percent.Installing a wind-rated garage door will protect your home against potential hurricane and storm damage. It can also save you up front money with your insurance premium. Article source angieslist.

Amaar Doors has the highest wind speed rating in South Florida 190 mph.

ACTSYS Garage Doors strives to provide friendly assistance in selecting the PERECT door for your home's needs at competitive prices. We use the best manufacturers, HAAS & AMARR est. since 1954, who offer American made, top quality materials and come with a Limited Lifetime Warrantee. ALL DOORS are Wind Code Rated & Approved! Choose from a wide variety of styles, colors and designs to bring beauty to your home and the safety your family deserves during South Florida storms and Hurricanes. Call NOW for a FREE ESTIMATE on a NEW door installation. #garagedoor #miami #broward

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Nov 24, 2022

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