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Title: Don't Ignore Your Squeaky Garage Door: The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Miami home owners, A squeaky garage door can be quite bothersome, but it's usually a relatively easy problem to fix. Here are some steps to help you maintain and fix a squeaky garage door:

  • Identify the Source of the Squeak:

  • Listen closely to determine where the squeaking is coming from. It's likely to be either the springs, hinges, or rollers.

  • Tighten All Bolts and Screws:

  • Over time, the movement of the door can loosen bolts and screws. Use a socket wrench or screwdriver to tighten them.

  • Lubricate the Moving Parts:

  • Use a silicone-based lubricant or garage door lubricant. Avoid WD-40 as it's a solvent, not a lubricant.

  • Hinges: Lubricate the hinge pins. If any are severely worn, replace them.

  • Rollers: Lubricate the rollers, especially if they're metal. If they are worn or damaged, consider replacing them.

  • Springs: Apply lubricant to the torsion springs, which can be found above the door.

  • Check the Tracks:

  • Make sure the tracks on either side of the door are free from debris and properly aligned. Misalignment can cause noise and affect the door's movement.

  • Inspect and Replace Weatherstripping:

  • Worn or damaged weatherstripping can cause extra friction and noise.

  • Test the Door Balance:

  • Disconnect the automatic opener and manually open the door halfway. If it doesn't stay put, the springs might need adjustment or replacement, which is best done by a professional.

  • Consider Professional Help:

  • If you're not comfortable performing any of these steps or if the problem persists, it's wise to call a professional garage door technician.

Remember, regular maintenance is key to preventing issues. Lubricating the moving parts of your garage door every six months can help keep it operating smoothly and quietly.

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Franck Ribery
Franck Ribery
Dec 19, 2023

I never realized how susceptible garage doors are to wear and tear until Locksmith Olympia company highlighted the issue. Their emphasis on regular maintenance is not just about preventing lockouts but ensuring our home's overall security.

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