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Miami Garage Door Specialist

Why you need a new garage door?

Hey, good afternoon. This is Smitty from Actsys door system inc, Actsys garage doors. Welcome to the youtube channel. We're here today to inform you about the services we provide. And a, just to start off, you know, my name is Smitty Dawson. I'm the owner. We've been in business 20 years and we've enjoyed servicing all of Dade, Broward and Monroe counties. Our specialty is residential homes and we only do residential garage doors. Okay, so a lot of people asked me the question about why I would would change a garage door. But there's three basic reasons. The first reason why you'd want to change your garage door if your door doesn't meet the current code, which is from 2001 to current, that is the current code for garage doors in Miami Dade County, which that code represents Broward and Monroe as well. So the first thing that you would benefit on a new garage door is that number one, it would protect your family.

If you go back to the people who weathered the storm and Hurricane Andrew and the trauma that their family encountered, this was very traumatic. So you would eliminate that. Number two, it would help to protect the contents that you have. Everybody has their stuff and they like to protect it and keep it well, they've paid a good money for it and that value has got to retain. The third thing that I think is one of the most important things is that you're going to receive your monthly discount off your homeowners insurance policy because now you're at a less rate. And so that savings you're, you're enjoying your encountering every month. So that's a great part about those are the three things you should think about when you're considering buying a new garage door. So people ask me, what type of products do we represent? So the first thing I would tell you is that we represent the Haas product line, has doors.

They've been in business since 1958 a tremendous company makes great calling doors as a tremendous selection of doors and all different colors. By the way, the hot color right now for garage doors is black, believe it or not. So yes, we do have those available. The second thing we offer is another door manufacturer again from 1954 which is the Ammar and garage doors. Again, worldwide, big institution, great products and good services. And then to go along with these beautiful two companies of doors you could choose from, we have lift master list, master garage doors is the workhorse of the industry, is the standard of this industry and they're the leaders and providing wifi communications and good safety and reliability and anybody in town can fix these motors and get servers. We happen to be an authorized dealer for all three of those companies, Hass, Ammar and liftmaster.

What those three combinations, you've got a winning dealer that can offer you everything that anybody would like to buy it. So we're a small dealership or a run business. I'm the exclusive owner of the company and we provide these basic services. First of all, we sell brand new doors and we sell brand new motors. And of course with our population of Dade, Broward and Monroe County, we service old doors and we service old motors. We have these parts on the trucks. And so any time that we meet or I get called to your home, we're prepared to do the job right on the spot. We provide many maintenance on these doors, and this is something too that most customers do not know that if you have a two car garage door or at one car garage door that has torsion springs, meaning the springs are above the door by one foot and when the doors closed, this is a torsion spring system.

This system needs to be maintained every year and a half to two years at the very most. Why? Because the door goes up and down with the springs and not with the motor. The motor just tells it where to start, where to stop and control the forests. But the door goes up with the spring, so if you never service your door, then your door becomes demonstrably very heavy, heavier and heavier by each day. Then this puts a tax on your motor. It starts to wear out your motor, your gear prematurely. So you want to be ready first of all from hurricane season when we lose electricity. And you want to make sure that that door can be opened properly without electricity and without the motor. And so you want to service this door every year and a half to two years at the very worst, at the very latest.

So when people are looking to buy a door, they really don't know which way to turn. And so we're a good source for you. And so we welcome you. First of all to give us a phone call at (305) 229-4007 are in Broward (954) 491-1003 and that way we can set up a door consultation. So we'll come out, our representatives will come out and meet with you, show you the brochure, show you the colors, take the measurements and write your professional estimate so you can shop around and find out what's available out there for you. But I find that you'll find that, uh, dealing with the access door systems, you're going to find that we have, uh, we've been in the business now 19 years. We have a tremendous reputation out in the field with consumers as well as the industry. And also, uh, we have won the Super Service award from a company called Angie's list and there has been nobody else in south Florida Day, Broward and Monroe that has won the Super Service award 12 years in a row.

So we care about our customers, we want the repeat business, we need business, but everybody wants business. But we appreciate your business. So anything that we can do for you, any phone call, any question that you have, it's never too small. Give me a call and we'll help you out as best we can. So I want to take this time to say thanks, we appreciate, we're excited about what we do. Garage doors is a great business and we're here to service you and protect your family. And that's why we only do residential because we want to know the person that's in the home. We want to make sure that we take good care of your family. So thanks a lot. Have a great day, and call us anytime you need us.

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