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IDA Releases Statement Regarding Door and Access Systems Industry as Essential Services

(WASHINGTON, DC - March 18, 2020) - During this time of uncertainty and growing concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, including the cancellation of public events, community lockdowns, school closures and limitations on business operations, it is important that access systems and security operations of our nation’s buildings, homes, and facilities be maintained and kept fully operational. Service, repairs, and replacements of garage doors, electric openers, gates, gate openers, and other access systems and their components are critical to ensure that necessary movement of people and vehicles is not compromised. The International Door Association (IDA) believes that services provided by the door and access systems industry are essential to our communities for the following reasons (and more):

· Garage doors are often used to provide a means of exit and egress from our homes. Properly functioning doors can facilitate exit from homes for people who may need to seek medical attention or to respond to public service calls. They can also provide easy access for emergency personnel seeking to care for residents.

· Overhead doors, including rolling fire doors, can be a key element of buildings. Whether providing fire safety as part of fire wall assemblies, or facilitating vehicle access to transport people or essential goods, these systems are an integral part of essential building operations.

· Gates and gate openers provide security and controlled access to buildings, parking garages, and properties. Their operation is important to provide access for first responders, security for building occupants, and controlled access for visitors.

“While we are appropriately concerned with the health issues surrounding the virus, IDA reminds the public that members of the door and access system industry will still be on the job, observing necessary safety procedures, to ensure that the public’s door and access system products can be repaired to maintain normal, safe operation, and the appropriate access and security for our nation’s homes and businesses in the event that other life-threatening safety issues arise,” states IDA President, Kevin Pettiette. IDA requests that government agencies specifically include door and access system professionals in any identification of essential services as part of shelter-in-place or other public safety orders.

-International Door Association (IDA)

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