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Haas Door Expands Aluminum Garage Door Series

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

OHIO - Haas Door has expanded

their Commercial Aluminum (CA)

garage door series by offering two

new models: CA-315 and CA-320.

doors are available with all glass

or insulated panels with various

types and thicknesses of glazing.

Rust and corrosion free, Haas

Door CA garage doors come with

28 specialty glass options, four

anodized color options, 10 painted

finish options, and 14 woodgrain

color options. The garage doors

can also be ordered with a custommatched

color or powder coating.

“We believe that garage

doors should stand out on a

structure while simultaneously

complementing the building’s

overall design,” says Jeffrey

Nofziger, president of Haas Door.

“This series of garage doors has

been specifically designed to

add style and dependability to

commercial projects.”

The CA-315 larger glass

garage door gives the owner a

heavy-duty rail with a smaller

center stile to offer more glass.

With this line, there are also more

color choices and larger size

options than with the existing

model, CA-110.

The thicker rail design

of the CA-320 heavy-duty frame

garage door provides the most

flexibility for commercial project

needs. This door has the largest

door size maximums, the most

color options, wood grain finishes,

and the most options, including

custom-made pass doors.

“With each of these product

lines, you can also request a

heavier glass/glazing option,” says

Nofziger. “While 1/8” and 3/16”

glass/glazing are the standard for

the CA series, we also offer the CAi

series with ¼” or ½” glass/glazing

materials. Specialty glass options

are available in both insulated and

non-insulated options to provide a

wide variety of looks.”

Haas Door’s Aluminum Series has many

choices, from anodized to painted

to woodgrain to custom color.

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