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Garage Door Repair

Have your garage door Inspected and maintained annually for safety and convenience sake. Garage door repair & service in Miami

An annual garage door tune-up helps ensure reliable, quiet operation and safety. Each step of the tune-up takes 10 minutes or less and is worth it to keep your garage door in good working order. Because your door moves, the hardware can loosen. Inspect and tighten all roller brackets and the bolts that hold the rails to the support brackets.

Perhaps no other part of your home experiences as much wear and tear as your overhead garage door. The average garage door will go up and down more than a thousand times a year. When kept in good working order, it provides convenience and security. But a neglected door can not only become as noisy as a locomotive but also pose a significant safety risk to your family, especially your kids. In this article, we’ll show the steps involved in the annual inspection and maintenance of your automatic overhead door for reliable, quiet operation and safety.

The vast majority of garage doors have either torsion springs, which mount on the header above the door or extension springs, which float above the upper roller track. These springs require annual inspection for smooth operation and safety.

Schedule your annual garage door service today > Miami Dade 305.229.4007  or Broward 954.491.1003

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