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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Miami Garage Doors: Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Learning how to maintain a residential garage door is key to keeping it operating efficiently. A malfunction can prevent you from taking your car out of the garage when you want to. Regular maintenance twice a year can make such mishaps less likely. This guide reviews the basics of garage door maintenance, including inspection, lubrication and simple replacement projects. 

Tip: Garage Door maintenance is NOT a DIY project. Do not try to replace garage door cables. They are under high tension and could cause serious injury if not handled by a professional. 

  1. Inspect the Door: Inspect the garage door operation about twice a year. Is it louder than usual? Does it operate with a smooth or jerky motion? Do the parts appear to be in even alignment? 

  2. Perform Safety Tests:

Perform these safety tests on your garage door system and contact a professional for repairs if the door fails any of them. 

Garage door balance: 

  • Disconnect the garage door from the opener so that it operates manually. 

  • Lift the door about halfway up, then release it. 

  • The door should remain in place; if it slips down, the door isn't balanced. Call a service technician. 

Mechanical reverse feature: 

  • Place a piece of wood or a brick on the garage floor in the path of the door. 

  • Activate the garage door to close. 

  • When the door contacts the block, it should reverse direction. If it does not, call a technician. 

Door photocell: 

  • Locate the two photo sensors at the base of the garage door. 

  • Check the alignment of the sensors; they will light up when they are properly aligned. Adjust as needed. 

  • Activate the garage door. As it closes, wave an object across the sensor path. The door should immediately reverse. 

  • Test at least three different points in the beam's path. 

Tip: Garage door openers over 20 years old may lack safety features such as these and may need an upgrade. 

3. Examine Garage Door Hardware:

The garage door hardware needs periodic inspection for signs of wear and tear.

  • Check the garage door tracks and hinges. Use a socket wrench or screwdriver as needed to tighten any loose bolts or fasteners on moving parts. 

  • Inspect for wear on any garage door rollers that are not attached to the lift cable system. Steel rollers will show worn bearings and may look lopsided, while nylon rollers tend to crack as they age. Purchase and install replacement rollers as needed. 

  • Look for wear in the lift cables attached to the door. You may notice excessive rust, deterioration or broken strands in the cables. If they look worn, call for service. 

Tip: Do not try to replace garage door cables. They are under high tension and could cause serious injury if not handled by a professional. 

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