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The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s about time to decorate your home inside and out. That means shopping for Christmas trees, wreaths, garland, and all the other decorations to make your holiday season feel special. As you decorate around your home, it’s important to leave no space untouched. Since your garage door takes up a good portion of your home’s exterior, you should consider decorating it too. Here are some fun and unique ideas to decorate your garage door!

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One of our favorite ideas is featured in the photo above. It’s pretty, fun, and easy. The decoration features a bright red bow on the front of your garage, light up garland around the garage trim, and a light up wreath above the garage to add a touch of elegance. This particular bow is magnetic, but you could potentially use vinyl cutouts with a removable adhesive.

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If you prefer cute and festive decor, the snowman kit featured above might be the right choice for you! It comes with die-cut plastic decorations and double-sided tape, which will stick to most steel garage doors. Just make sure not to place the decorations on the moving joints of the garage door to keep your snowman decoration and garage safe.

(Image courtesy of Pinterest user Beth Miller)

If you happen to be the super creative type, this gingerbread garage is perfect for you! We could not find DIY instructions on how to do this elaborate decoration, but you might be creative enough to figure out how to duplicate this design yourself. Our best guess is that they used spray painted plywood pieces for the gingerbread base and created the large candy out of painted plastic and polystyrene sheet discs. It looks like they used a white spray expanding foam for “frosting” and then mounted the completed design to the garage.

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