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Difference Between Standard Garage Door & Insulated Garage Door

Material and Construction

Before we dive into comparing these two door types, let’s recap the fundamental build differences between insulated and uninsulated garage doors.

Uninsulated doors consist of a single material layer. Whether you choose vinyl, wood, or glass, these doors have one sheet of that material, creating a barrier between indoors and outdoors.

Insulated garage doors are referred to as double-layer or triple-layer garage doors because they’re built out of multiple material tiers that alternate between the door material you choose and either polystyrene sheet insulation or thicker polyurethane insulation.

Door Durability: Insulation Strengthens Your Garage Door

At Precision Garage Door of Delaware, we recommend homeowners go with an insulated door for the strength factor alone. Why? In an insulated garage door, there’s more layers of material backing the door, so it’s significantly stronger than a single-ply version.

This added thickness and durability allows insulated garage doors to better withstand everyday wear and tear and hold up to minor impacts better than an uninsulated door can.

This also means that insulated doors are more likely to last well into the double digits and reach a garage door’s full life expectancy. In comparison, uninsulated doors tend to need to be replaced more often.

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Patrick James
Patrick James



Patrick James
Patrick James

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