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A broken garage door spring can be frustrating and very inconvenient, but what should I do

now that its broken?

First do not try to lift the door by hand or using the opener as you can hurt yourself lifting a

heavy garage door by hand and burn out the opener using it to try to open a door with a broken

spring. Replacing garage door springs is not a do it yourself project, replacement requires

special tools and techniques to prevent injury. Utilizing the wrong size spring or springs can

cause serious damage to the garage door and its components including the electric garage door opener.

ACTSYS Garage Doors, Inc., has 19 years of experience performing garage door repairs in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding Broward County locations. We have all the necessary parts,  tools, training and experience required on our trucks to make sure your garage door is working to its highest potential. At ACTSYS Garage Doors we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver timely, competitive, effective and inexpensive repairs.

Have a garage door that needs replacement :) We use the best manufacturers, HAAS & AMARR est. since 1954, who offer American made, top quality materials and come with a Limited Lifetime Warrantee. ALL DOORS are Wind Code Approved!

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