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4 Reasons to Choose Dual Directional Woodgrain Colors for Your Amarr Garage Door

There could be many reasons for replacing a garage door: Maybe the door is broken. Maybe it’s past its useful life. Or maybe you want to upgrade your home’s façade and increase your home’s curb appeal.

The garage door is a great place to start when considering curb appeal – it is the largest opening on your home! One way to ensure that your garage door increases your home’s curb appeal is by selecting a woodgrain color. Below are four reasons to choose an Amarr dual directional woodgrain garage door:

  1. Realistic colors. Amarr garage doors are offered in three realistic dual directional woodgrain colors – Golden Oak, Walnut, and Mahogany. These timeless colors will complement almost all exterior façades, from stone to brick to siding.

  1. Distinctive pattern that can be seen from the curb. Our dual directional woodgrain colors offer a horizontal woodgrain pattern on the rails of the garage door section and a vertical woodgrain pattern on the stiles and panels, resulting in a very distinct pattern that can be seen from the end of a typical driveway.

  2. Low-maintenance steel that looks like wood. Fool the neighbors – our dual directional woodgrain colors give your home the look of a real wooden garage door without the increased maintenance. Steel garage doors are low-maintenance and easy to clean and care for.

  3. Now available in all construction options: one-, two-, and three layer doors. Now, you can get the stylish woodgrain colors at any price point. Woodgrain colors are available in the following Amarr residential garage doors: Amarr Classica, Oak Summit, Heritage, Stratford, Lincoln, and Hillcrest collections.

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